Video Games

I Love video games!

I play on playstation4 whenever I have time

If you're on PlayStation Network you can add me as a friend :) 

my ID is modajjapa


I love playing frisbee with my friends

If you live near Tsukuba city in Japan, let me know and I will invite you to join!

p.s. we mostly play in summer time at holidays


I love tasting Japanese sake, and other exotic alcoholic drinks from around the world

I love red wine, margarita, kamikaze and beer!

Invite me to a drink and you are my friend :)


I love cooking. Usually I make meals from Syrian cuisine, and sometimes I cook for my friends on weekends


I'm fond of watching science documentaries. My heroes are Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss. They are two amazing scientists thriving to unveil the secrets of the world and raise awareness among people


Here you could find a lecture for Krauss explaining how a UNIVERSE could come about from NOTHING!


And here you could see a lecture for Dawkins about his book: The God Delusion.